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William Freire Advogados Associados Code Of Ethics, Conduct And Compliance

All of WILLIAM FREIRE Advogados Associados are subject to the rules established by the Brazilian Bar Association – OAB, under the terms of Federal Law nº 8.906/1994 (the Advocacy Statute), Resolution nº 02/2015 of the Federal Council of the Brazilian Bar Association (Code of Ethics and Discipline) and other regulations and decisions from the Federal Council of the OAB.

The William Freire team – from employees involved in clerk and administrative activities to senior partners – must respect the rules established in the Code, which aims to clarify practices that are supported by the highest ethical values, in accordance with Brazilian laws, including those in relation to perpetration of illicit practices against national or foreign governments, introduced by Federal Law no. 12,846/2013.

Institutional Principles

Princípios Institucionais
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