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Mining Law Dictionary

Mining Law Dictionary
Dicionário de Direito Minerário

Publisher: Jurídica Editora
Year published: 2011

I feel honored to present this book by William Freire, a tireless and diligent exponent of Mining Law, who has once more benefited us by expanding the scarce sources of consultation available in our field.

William Freire and Daniela Lara present a pioneering work of great relevance, especially in view of the passing of Constitutional Amendment nº 6, dated August 15, 1995, which amended § 1 of art. 176 of the Federal Constitution, removing the distinction between Brazilian companies with and without foreign capital, thus eliminating the restrictions to foreign capital in Brazilian mining activities, with the objective of attracting international investments to the mining industry.

The usefulness of this Bilingual Dictionary of Mining Law is therefore undeniable. Its production demanded a great deal of competence and experience on the part of the authors, as well as dedication, as amply demonstrated by the quality of the work.

The authors, whom I congratulate, have made a valuable contribution to the legal universe, in particular those of us who deal with Mining Law.

Federal General Attorney of the National Department of Mineral Production – DNPM

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